Oh yes. Alas, the lot is not available, but the wrong one was sent, but I decided to share a new variety of needles that is very interesting in my opinion with the public.
Packaging, appearance, dimensions Perhaps someone is looking for – know that they are;) though I don’t know where to buy, but local bang haters should quickly find both options on Ali. I will only emphasize that the needles here are already 50mm, shorter options are completely different probes, they are not so interesting because they are widespread. Well, after the puncture, the place of this very puncture must be protected from moisture. We feel silicone ™. These needles traditionally have a socket for a 4mm banana, well, they should be piercers – we put a plastic hook on the wire, twist the tip with a needle into it – we get minimal damage to the wire and securely hold the needle on it. Comparison with what is stated in the lot: Of course, I do not call for piercing the insulation anywhere, but only if it is impossible to do without it. The product was provided for https://jiji.ng/port-harcourt/cars/toyota-corolla-2006 writing a review by the store. However, even the absence of damage to the insulation does not prevent French wiring from rotting from the inside Yes, and it’s expensive here, what a sin to hide. Not what was sent, but very interesting. Under the general title "feeling silicone" I publish reviews of probes, nozzles and other accessories for multimeters and oscilloscopes.
Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules As you can see, it’s completely different.

Needles for modular probes. I don’t really blame Bang – slips happen. Microview

I decided to tell only for the reason that I have not yet seen such long needles.