External antenna for 3G GSM CDMA modem

If you own a 3G GSM CDMA modem, you are probably familiar with the problem of unstable and / or weak signal reception. In this case, the normal use of the https://jiji.co.ke/253-vibrators Internet is almost impossible. The problem can be solved by purchasing an external antenna that can improve the quality of signal reception even in an area with uncertain signal reception.
As usual, the box in which the antenna was placed turned out to be “killed”.

Actually, it’s not scary. The box contains information on how to use the antenna, as well as compatible devices and possible connectors for connecting to a modem. However, there are no connectors themselves, which is not good in terms of equipment, but it is good in terms of price.

The external antenna for the 3G GSM CDMA modem operates in the 1710-2150MHz band and is claimed to be capable of providing a signal gain of up to 14dBi. Long cable (about 3 m.) allows you to position the antenna in a convenient place within the room / outside the room. This antenna is made of three parts, which facilitates its transportation and use in the field, for example, in a car. The total length in the assembled state is about a meter. The sole of the antenna is made magnetic, which again is good in terms of stability and use in the field. It performs its main function – signal amplification.
Of the shortcomings, perhaps I will note the price. Well, the installation of this device indoors on the window caused an objection from the wife – they say it’s not feng shui 🙂
P.S. In principle, with the presence of desire, direct hands and a soldering iron, you can make a similar thing yourself for a price of at least three times less :). So think for yourself, decide